Monday, July 11, 2005

Pet-ty Mondays!

This week we launch "Pet-ty Mondays"! Meet Oliver, our little baby who was rescued through based in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Oliver is such a special little guy. He drools when he's feeling affectionate, sneezes, vomits hairballs, routinely pops off large clumps of fur, and likes to suck on our t-shirts when he's hungry.

Purebred Cat Rescue specializes in rescuing purebred kitties, especially Persians, who are usually put down because once they are in a state where they require rescue, their coats are so matted and filthy that the cost and time of grooming them is too great for most rescue agencies to cover. They are some of the first kitties to be put down.

Red Persian males are known for their wonderful, loving, incredibly affectionate temperaments. Purebred Rescue had three red kittens coming in and let me choose. Poor little Oliver's old home had taken him away from his mother at far too young an age. He needed to be completely shaven, and the poor little baby still stank from filth. But his sweetness and loving temperament were obvious. We fell in love and took him home. We're still in love with him. Awwww!


At 9:11 AM, Blogger Allie said...

He is a cutie!! I love cats!

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Just Me said...

He is so cute! Thanks Allie for having this link! I love his face!


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